Anime Expo 2011

Day Zero Izakaya Meetup

Alex Leavitt and Ashley Seto are hosting a dinner and drinks meetup on Day 0 (Thursday 30 June) of Anime Expo!

(Bring me to the RSVP form!)

We're doing this mainly because we just moved to Los Angeles a month ago from Boston, and we want to make some new friends who like Japanese pop culture! If you live in the Los Angeles area, we'd love for you to attend. If you're just visiting the area, we want to see you too, so we can hang out with new people for the weekend!

The only thing we ask is that if we haven't talked to you online or in real life already (ie., we don't know you in some form), please send Alex a quick and short email introducing yourself!

We'll be meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center at 5:30pm on Thursday 30 June. A bunch of us will be walking over to Little Tokyo (about 30 minutes) where we'll reassemble at Honda-ya, an excellent izakaya with tatami seating.

If you're planning to meet us at the restaurant, or want to take a bus (directions) or taxi there, we'll officially meet at 6:00pm at Honda-ya.

Questions? Email Alex.

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Again, that's:

June 30
5:30pm - Meet at LACC
6:00pm - Meet at Honda-ya

(Reservations probably at 6:15pm)

*And if anyone's interested in drinks afterwards, we can discuss during dinner!

We reserve the right (and sorry if we do!) to turn away people if our group becomes too big. If that happens, we would still like to hang out during the con! Alex will be speaking on a bunch of panels, so you can probably find Alex and Ashley based on this schedule.