Hearts Legacy

Introducing a legacy to the popular card game.

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Let each game of Hearts influence the next.

Hearts Legacy is a persistent version of the competitive card game, Hearts, where every game you finish will affect every future game.

You and three rivals play as intrepid and enterprising souls who toil in a mining town during the Gold Rush in late 1840s California. While panning for precious gems, you compete with your opponents with the hope that they will carry home useless stones (Hearts). Each year of the eight-year Gold Rush is played as a 100-point Hearts game, and each game is split into four seasons, where you gain additional skills and may encounter opportune windfalls or unexpected hazards.

The print-and-play version requires:

Printed sheets on card stock inside a manila envelope [$8]
Two decks of playing cards (with different color backings) [$5 for 2 decks]
4 small six-sided dice (different colors) [$2]

Also, if you do not have these at home:

Scissors [$3]
Scotch tape [$2]
Sharpie (permanent marker) [$3]

For ~$15-25 in total.

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